About Us

History Of Taybah Academy

Taybah Academy is one of the most tech-savvy online Quran academies. Our institute is well-known for Islamic studies and Quranic teachings using up-to-date technological tools. Learn Tajweed, translation, Tafseer, and Islamic studies from the comforts of your own home, at your own pace.

We have chosen to maintain the highest teaching standards. Our teachers are highly qualified graduates from Al-Azhar University with Ijazah in Quranic and Islamic studies. All the tutors realize and perceive the prestigious obligations of Quran teaching.

Our teaching methodologies involve the use of tools such as Zoom, Whiteboard animations, YouTube Videos, Qira’at Software, etc. These are the very conventions that set us apart from others. Personal sessions are live and interactive. One-on-one classes enable students to get the teacher’s feedback promptly. A captivating curriculum ensures that the interest of students is maintained throughout the course and they don’t feel burdened at any point.

Our Vision

The current era is all about technological advancements. We dream to set the highest standards in the world of online teaching using high-tech gadgets and tools. Students are continuously benefitting from our devoted services. We will continue to put forth our incessant support to our students by accommodating them with innovative solutions for online Quran learning.

Our Mission

Taybah Academy wishes to help our Muslim brothers and sisters by procuring exceptional teaching facilities and a distinctive program of studies. Our mission is to serve Islam by spreading the teaching of the Holy Quran, and teaching Arabic language because Arabic was the international language of Muslim literature, philosophy, and science